Today’s message comes from the book of Hebrews. Pastor Charles McKenney is the speaker. It is unusual to give the topic before the reading of the text. But, Pastor McKenney did so on this Sunday: The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Then, he reads Chapter Ten verses one through twenty. 

However, at times Pastor McKenney will use visual aids. In his message, The Vine and the Branch, he presented grapes on a vine. He showed the importance of staying connected to Jesus Christ. Because He supplies all our needs. 

In another message, “The Greatest Invitation Given to Our Generation Is, God Will Take Care of You.” Pastor Charles McKenney gave a beautiful and powerful visual to show how much we can gain with just a little faith. He gives everyone a mustard seed.

In today’s message, he puts on a robe to demonstrate how Jesus Christ’s love covers us! Listen. Surely, this message will bless you.