Meet Our Pastor

Elder Charles McKenney is the Pastor (Shepherd) of the House of Prayer Church. He is a husband, father of two and brother of three siblings. As well as being a friend and mentor to many.

Pastor Charles McKenney baptized of water and of the Holy Spirit, served under the Late Bishop Carl Ellis, Sr. He served as

  • Treasurer of the Brotherhood
  • Scout Master of House of Prayers's Boy Scout
  • Elected to the Trustee Board
  • Hosted House of Prayer's Broadcast Opening Prayer.



God blessed his service. In 1993, God called Pastor McKenney to the Ministry. One of Pastor McKenney's infamous saying is, "But God." This is a significant testimonial statement.

Because, ten years earlier, before being called to the Ministry. He was at his lowest point in life. No one else wanted to invest in him: "But God!" It was at this time, Pastor McKenney makes a solemn vow to himself and God. He vows to serve Him to eternity. 

God began to reshape and remold him. As well as, He renewed his heart. Then and now, Pastor Charles McKenney's desire is to be a blessing to the Ministry. 

The Lord does not bless selfishly. When He blesses us, we are to bless others.

Community Service

  • College Prep Man of Achievement
  • Hudson County Child Abuse Community Service Award
  • Women Rising Entrepreneur of the Year
  • District 24 Ward F Community Person
  • 2006 Recipient of the Hattie Boyer Memorial Award
  • First to bring in a National Brand Restaurant in an Urban Area. The largest restaurant in Hudson County, 300 seats. Ponderosa Steakhouse employed 65 to 75 students.
  • Founder and President of the Mountain of Hope Organization. This Organization received over $50,000.00  Scholarships.

A Special Note Concerning the Ponderosa Restaurant.

One year after the opening of the Ponderosa Restaurant, the World Trade Center Bombing or 911 took place. Pastor Charles McKenney closed the restaurant on that day. With helping hands, he and other managers transported people from the Light Rail to the restaurant. Not only did they feed them. But also, allow them to relax. As well as  make phone calls to love ones. Surely, this was God's Work!