Three Awesome & Powerful Events

In all parts of the world, Christians celebrated three awesome and powerful events. The first event was Palm Sunday. A day which commemorates Jesus Christ's arrival in Jerusalem. Without question a significant day for several reasons. Jesus allowed himself to be called King. Hosanna! Hosanna! Secondly, people declared Him as the Messiah. Equally important, the people pronounced their faith in Jesus Christ.

The second event was Good Friday. Jesus dies on this day. Jesus' death would pay for everybody's sins. Most of all, payment was forever! This is significant because; back then lambs were payment for people's sins. However, people kept on sinning and asking God for forgiveness. Jesus became God's perfect lamb. Consequently, placing everybody's sins on His shoulders. His death would defeat sin. 

Lastly, we had Easter. It is also called, by Christians, Resurrected Sunday. On this third day, Jesus is alive. He not only conquered sin but also death. In other words, Jesus, the Lamb of God, paid for our sins on Good Friday. Then on Easter or Resurrected Sunday, Jesus defeated death when he rose from the grave.

Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, each of these events had to take place. Without them, there would be no salvation. Yes, Jesus is no longer on the cross. He lives and today, Jesus is ready to forgive you. 

This video sums up these three events beautifully. Listen to it. As well as meditate on it. Finally, believe in Jesus and God will forgive your sins. 




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