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House of Prayer Church Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry


Established by its Founders, House of Prayer Church's mission is and has always been serving in the community. It is in the community that life is lived, and faith is lived out. Where do you find people in unhealthy relationships; wrestling with fears and doubts, bearing burdens without the strength of God? Without question, it is in the community! Henceforth, we continue to go into the community sharing with people that Jesus loves them! So much that He died for them! Always, encouraging them to invite Jesus in their daily lives. 

Blessed by serving.

My testimony: baptized of Water in 1982 and baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1983. I served as treasurer of the Brotherhood, Scout Master of House of Prayer's Boy Scout and elected to the Trustee Board. Later, Bishop Carl Ellis, Sr. allowed me to do our Broadcast Opening Prayer. Whenever possible, I helped Bishop around the Church. Whatever asked of me, I did. In 1993, I was called to the ministry and ordained an Elder in 1996. Then and now, my desire is to be a blessing to the ministry. 

Blessed to serve others.

The Lord blesses us so we can bless others. In the year 2000, Hudson County inner city has its first and largest Ponderosa Steakhouse Restaurant. For seven days at 7 am, Bishop and Mother Ellis walked around outside of the restaurant asking God's blessings. Then, the World Trade Center bombing happens. Ponderosa Steakhouse Restaurant played a big role in Ward F. I closed the restaurant, on that day. Using managers' cars and the restaurant's van, we picked up people from the light rail. We would take them to the restaurant to eat, relax and call loved ones. And later, drove them back to the light rail. It was truly a blessed day. 

 Whenever possible, House of Prayer Church is willing to lend a helping hand. 

We invite you to worship with us this Sunday!

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