Conference Phone Line Information

                                                Phone No. (520) 525-8665   

                                           Every Wednesday 7:30 -7:45 pm.   

House of Prayer

           Our Sunday Morning Services are streamed live on

           YouTube. To join us by Live Stream takes one step.

                          1. Go to our YouTube Handle:                        

                   " LiveStream"




              House of Prayer's doors are open during the week.

          So, if you want prayer or counseling, someone is always

           at the Church, Tuesday through Friday. You can stop by

           the Church.  As well as call to schedule an appointment.

          Our phone number is (201) 434-4706.  Zoom appointments

                                         are also available.



   Sunday May 28, 2023: Pentecost Sunday

       On this Day, fifty days after the Resurrection, the Church

       began. Also on this day, all  followers of Jesus, were filled

                                       with the Holy Spirit.