Give Him Praise


In the Christian realm, stories shared with each other are testimonies. However, they are not for the purpose of self-promoting or self glorification. Their purpose is to glorify God. That is to say, stories are not about what individuals do in their strength. But to declare God's strength.

Testimonies reflect what Jesus is doing or done on behalf of an individual's life. Also, they serve as a witness to Jesus' Sovereign Power! Not only do testimonies edify. But they also encourage others. As well as strengthening one's faith. If Jesus did it for him or her, He will do it for me. God blesses both the givers and hearers of testimonies.

The Lord answered your prayer. Then why not share it? Declare that fact or truth! Because you would be a help to someone else facing challenges. So, we invite you to share your testimony with others. 

Praise Reports

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