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In books we seek God: in prayer we find him. prayer is the key which opens God's heart. (Pio of Pietrelcina)

Prayer Works

Prayer is the believers' secret weapon. Whatever the need, problem or desire, prayer is the only means for receiving God's blessings. House of Prayer has men as well as women who give of themselves to labor in prayer, with and for individuals. Without any doubt, we believe God will hear and answer his children's cry. It does not matter the situation or reason you are seeking Him. Because the Bible says, ask and it shall be given to you, Matthew 7:7. So simple is God's prayer formula: you ask, He gives.

Therefore, without wavering, we will join you in prayerEach request receives prayer. In fact, we send notifications. Accordingly, we hope you tell us when God answers your prayers. So, feel free to make a prayer request.


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I am praying God restore my hair
Submitted By:Jacqueline Montgomery
Prayer Request:Hello ! I Jacqueline montgomery writing for prayer.i lost my hair 2 yrs ago due to alopecia and have a bald spot .I pray pray pray God restore all my hair back asap